About Us

Steve & Lindsey Troughton @ The Anexe Studio

The Anexe is owned and run by married couple, Steve & Lindsey Troughton. Both Steve & Lindsey trained as audio engineers in New York after deciding to change career path from their previous jobs in the art world.

Steve and Lindsey both come from musical backgrounds, Steve is a Trumpeter, Bass player and Vocalist, and has been in many bands from the age of 12. Lindsey is a Vocalist, who has trained in stage performance and spent a lot of time in recording studios over the years as a Session Vocalist and Vocal Director. One of Lindsey’s career highs was having the privilege of duetting alongside Robert Plant at various charity events.

Having lived in New York for 2 Years, Steve & Lindsey chose Exeter as the destination for their studio due to its burgeoning music scene and rapid investment and growth in the city.

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